Markdown Support

Nov 6, 2017 | 1 minute read

Series: quickstart

Tags: markdown, features

Introduction supports code blocks and syntax highlighting:

$ complicated techie code git bash ubuntu
>>> return value init foo

You can easily create tables using Markdown, with rows that support readability:

this is a table !
this is the 1st row
this is the 2nd row
this is the 3rd row
edgy jo ke lands here
this is the 5th row
this is the 6th row

Unordered lists render with high readabiltiy as well!

  • Unordered list
    • First sub-item
    • Second sub-item
  • Second top level item

As do ordered lists:

  1. Top level
    1. First sub-level
      1. Second sub-level

Have fun writing with Markdown!